KDOG Cancer Detect Group


In recent years, scientific publications on the detection of cancer by canine odorology have multiplied. More and more teams are training dogs to detect breast, prostate or lung cancer... A new scientific community is emerging and KDOG is eager to be part of this movement.

On October 1 and 2, 2019, KDOG organized the first international congress on cancer detection by canine odorology, on the roof of the Arch of La Défense. This meeting brought together about a hundred people, including researchers, medical staff, veterinarians, ethologists and dog handlers.

Objectives :

  • To bring together professionals interested in the topic
  • To sharing ideas, knowledge and best practices
  • To creating a new "scientific discipline
  • To initiate collaborations

More information


KDOG wants to go even further and participate in the animation of the international debate. In addition to organizing a new congress in the next few years, the team imagines hosting conferences, actively communicating on scientific advances in the discipline, creating training and lobbying activities, and even designing a specialized scientific journal!