KDOG Cancer Detect Group


A clinical study is a scientific and statistical study to prove the validity and evaluate the efficiency of a medical device, a diagnostic method or a treatment. Realizing a clinical study is crucial for the KDOG project to obtain a validation of its preliminary results and finally become an accessible method.
Bocaux KDOG étude préliminaire

KDOG wishes to pursue a clinical study soon to transform this research work into an accurate and concrete method of early screening. This clinical study is expected to take place between 2018 and 2021. It will validate the feasibility and the sensibility of the KDOG test by reproducing it to a wide scale. Number of patients and voluntary healthy participants will be multiplied by almost 10. Different investigator centers will closely collaborate to recruit volunteers. Different dogs of different pedigrees will be working in parallel on different sites. Therefore, different dog experts’ teams will be mobilized.

The medical and scientific team can count with the support of the SERIS Group which provide human and technical resources to the project.

More information will come up with the official launching of KDOG.