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Nykios, Thor and Milou are not only sniffer dogs. They are also playful, curious and touching. Find out more about our Belgian Shepherds and English Springers!
Thor à l'AVA
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Nykios joined KDOG few times after Thor when he was 18 months. Nykios is a very energetic and playful Belgian Shepherd, but also an accurate and efficient sniffer dog. He followed a six-months training in Magnac Laval together with Thor and perfectioned his skills in Champvoisy with a second dog handler from September 2017.

On December 7th, 2017, he was awarded for his disease detection’s skills by the French Société Centrale Canine.




Milou is the first English Springer being part of KDOG. Milou was only 20 months when he started his education in Champvoisy from October 2017. He followed the same education protocol than the two Belgian Shepherds, although the equipment for detection was adapted to his smaller size. Trained in Champvoisy where he was born and where all his family of sniffer dogs live, Milou rapidly demonstrated his powerful capacities for detection. He is currently still going on with his training.



Thor is the first Belgian Shepherd to have joined the team. In April 2016, he was 17 months when he became part of the adventure. Curious and affectionate, he started his education in August until February 2017 in Magnac Laval.

Tête Thor